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Detoxification Liver


The liver is the main organ in our bodies used for detoxification.  Once we cleanse our liver, circulation is enhanced and nutrients can be better supplied to our bodies.  The liver is known as the filter to keep the toxins out of our bodies, so occasionally we need to clear out that filter to keep it working properly.

Here are the other functions the liver performs along with bile production:

Detoxifies the blood to get rid of toxins like alcohol or drugs

Stores vitamins and iron

Stores the simple sugar glucose

Converts stored sugar to usable sugar when the body’s sugar (glucose) levels fall below normal.

Breaks down hemoglobin as well as insulin and other hormones

Converts ammonia to urea, which is vital in metabolism

Destroys old red blood cells

A fruit and vegetable diet providing fiber can help flush out the liver.  Also, adding ½ cup of olive oil and salts dissolved in water at the end of every two days can help as well.  But along with proper diet, there are also herbs that can help flush out the liver.  Milk Thistle is a very powerful herb that helps to detoxify the liver.  There are many other herbs that promote liver health:  


Red beet root           

Dandelion root

Parsley herb

Horsetail herb

Yellow dock root

Black cohosh root

Liver Cleanse Formula 

Blessed thistle herb

Chamomile flowers

Taken 3 times a day, you would be amazed at how healthy your liver will be.  I have a friend who had liver issues and cleansed her liver for one year.  In September 2012, her blood work showed that her liver enzymes reported the AST at 125 and ALT at 127.  After her liver cleanse for about one year, her liver enzyme numbers both came back at 19, (5-45 being healthy numbers).  The HCV RNA number was 12,554 the first time and only 1090 after the last blood work report.  All of the other numbers came back well within the healthy range, as well as the urinalysis.  



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