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Is Candida sabotaging Your Health ?

Candida Albicans

Yeast is one of many types of micro - organisms found in the digestive system.

• Candida albicans is the most common yeast. 

• Candida cannot thrive outside the body.

• Virtually everyone has intestinal candida colonies.

• Under normal circumstances the yeast lives in harmony with us    through a delicate balance of bacterial types.  

What Is Candida Albicans?

• Similar to the type of yeast used to make bread, Candida is an   oval-shaped    micro - organism which can reproduce rapidly by  budding. 

• Approximately 900 species of yeast exist, although the Candida   variety is the one we have to deal with. 

What weakens the immune system?

• Birth control pills

• Cortisone/prednisone

• Chemotherapy

• Excess sugar in the diet

• Stress

• Obesity

• Diabetes

Steps to Wellness !!!!

1. Balance the pH

2. Use Probiotics

3. Support the immune system

Candida Control Diet  !!!!

Two things drive Candida: 

1. Sugar or anything that turns to sugar

2. Mold or anything containing mold or fungus.

A. You should NOT eat Cheese, Vinegar, Mushrooms, Mayonnaise, or           Mustard.

What You Can Eat:

• Protein:

– Meat, (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, etc.), eggs, (preferably     organic), and protein powder.

• Fats:

– Olive Oil

– Coconut oil (contains Caprylic Acid)

– Almonds

– Peanut Butter(with a small amount of Silver shield stirred in)

– Be careful with nuts as they often carry a lot of mold.

Good Carbohydrates

• Non-Starchy carbohydrates (e.g. green beans,broccoli,tomatoes,   cucumbers, spinach, etc.)

• Fresh or frozen berries(freshly picked--not fresh in the store 

  as they are often moldy)

• Lemons, Grapefruit (No other fruit)

• Beans (Black beans, pinto beans, etc.) 

– Chili is a great Candida cleanse meal.

Avoid these Carbs !!!!!!!

You should NOT eat starches

Such as:

potatoes, cooked carrots, rice, wheat or other grains (except 

old-fashioned oatmeal)

Good Sweeteners

Include such things as:

• Xylilotol 

• Stevia

Use Probiotics

• Reestablish the balance of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to   yeast.

Remember it takes approximately one million good bacteria to one yeast to keep the yeast under control.






(2) Yeast / Fungal Detox 

(2) Candida Enzymes


(2) Caprylic Acid Combo.


2) Pau D’ Arco

Clear out the yeast as it dies off— NEW ENZYMES

• This formula contains Cellulase, Protease 800, Amylase,   Bromelain, Hemicellulase, Glucoamylase, Biotin.

• Unlike animal cells, yeast cells are encompassed by a rather   rigid cell wall, which provides protection from environmental   extremes.

Yeast / Fungal Detox


– Selenium & Zinc

– Oregano

– Caprylic Acid

– Propionic Acid


– Sorbic Acid

– Garlic

– Pau d’Arco

– Echinacea

Pau d’Arco

• From South American rain forests.

• Pau d‘Arco also helps build up the immune system

Repair the GI System

• Soluble Fiber (Everybody’s fiber)

• Probiotics

• L-Glutamine

• Eliminate food allergies

Minimum Candida Program

• 1 hour before each meal take the 2 pack (enzymes) on an empty   stomach.

• 40 minutes later or 20 minutes before the meal take the 6 pack 

• Take 8 “Probiotic 11" or “Bifidophilus Flora Force”before   bedtime. 

• Eat the Candida diet.

• Continue the program for at least 6 weeks or 3 boxes of   “Candida Clear”.

Final my Comments

This program changes lives.

This program gives hope.

This program works. 




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