Bowel Detox

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Over time, toxins in your intestinal system can damage your health.Keep things fresh with Bowel Detox. With a unique blend of fibers (psyllium hulls, algin, apple pectin), herbs (cascara sagrada, ginger), detoxifiers (charcoal, chlorophyll and bentonite) and enzymes, Bowel Detox encourages regularity, supports digestion and helps remove toxins. 
  • Helps promote the regular elimination of waste 
  • Supports the GI tract  
  • Supports proper digestive function 

Why Bowel Detox?

Bowel Detox is a veritable cornucopia of nature’s finest ingredients for colon health and happiness. This includes wild-crafted, hand-harvested cascara sagrada bark. Our trusted partner for this material only harvests bark at the perfect time of year from trees that have reached full maturity. The bark is cut into smaller chunks, then kiln-dried before it is ground up. Sustainable sourcing practices ensure a healthy supply of cascara sagrada for generations to come.