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Patented. Clinically tested. Proven. CardioxLDL gives you powerful natural support for healthy cholesterol. This unique herbal formula with Citrus bergamia Risso (bergamot) extract and a proprietary blend of high-ORAC antioxidants helps you modulate cholesterol oxidation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 
  • Modulates LDL cholesterol oxidation 
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range 
  • Features a powerful, proprietary antioxidant blend 

Why Our Formula?

When you analyze this blend, you find a veritable rainbow of health-supporting colors. CardioxLDL features the extract of Italian bergamot citrus for its powerful polyphenol content. Add in bright orange turmeric, deep green tea, extracts of seeds from dark red California grapes and dark purple mangosteen pericarp, and you can see why this patented blend and its powerful antioxidants have been clinically validated to modulate the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.