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DuoLife Fiber is a dietary supplement in liquid form, containing a complex of soluble dietary fiber from as many as 4 sources as well as proprietary, branded formulas of plant extracts: ASTRAGIN® – supporting the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract and BOSWELLIN® – promoting the reduction of inflammatory processes in the gut. The formula is composed of the highestquality natural raw materials and is a rich source of dietary fiber

DuoLife Fiber dietary supplement is intended for people who want to:

1. improve the functioning of their digestive tract,

2. improve the proper absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract;

3. alleviate digestive problems related to disorders of the natural intestinal microflora or inflammatory problems;

4. alleviate constipation;

5. maintain a normal weight with a product that facilitates weight loss, helping to reduce appetite and ensure a prolonged feeling of fullness;

6. follow the so-called LOW FODMAP diet;

7. maintain normal blood glucose and cholesterol levels;

8. support optimal blood vessel health and normal blood pressure;

9. help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and support antioxidant processes.