Seasonal Allergy (Formerly ALJ)

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Tired of coughing and sneezing your way through life? Seasonal Allergy provides targeted, nutritional support for relief from seasonal irritants and other airborne substances. Get back to better breathing and back to life! Our herbal blend is crafted with care using the finest botanicals on the planet, including Indian fenugreek that is hand-sewn and hand-cut. 
  • Helps provide relief from seasonal airborne irritants 
  • Promotes a healthy respiratory system 
  • Supports the immune system

Why Our Seasonal Allergy Formula?

Developed in partnership with a genuine American herbalist, Jeanne Burgess, Seasonal Allergy (long called ALJ) has been a top-selling product for years. Each ingredient in this formula provides unique support. Great care goes into the planting and harvesting of our ingredients. For instance, fenugreek seed thrives in northern India where local farmers hand-sow the crop after the monsoon season. Then they carefully irrigate four times during the 110-day growth cycle. Plants are hand-cut then threshed to separate the seeds, which dry in the sun.