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You’ve got a lot on your plate, but there’s no room for stress. The ingredients in this proprietary herbal blend have a rich history of traditional use for calming. Get natural support for occasional stress without stressing over what’s in it. 
  • Supports the nervous system 
  • Contains herbs traditionally used for calming 
  • Provides help for occasional stress relief 

Why Stress-J? 

Developed in partnership with a genuine American herbalist, the late Jeanne Burgess, Stress-J has been popular for decades and has been proven over time. Each ingredient in this formula works in harmony with other herbs to offer valuable nervous system support. And the option of having a natural, herbal formula to help with stress strikes a positive chord with many health enthusiasts. Top it all off with awesome ingredients for a feel-good way to feel good! Like chamomile flowers grown wild on the prairies and in meadows where expert harvesters pick them by hand. They’re organic, Kosher and processed only with pure water – never any solvents.